Three Steps To Minimize Your Attractiveness To Mosquitoes

stockcampThe mosquito is one of the most successful insects on Earth. Some studies say they have been around for nearly 170 million years, avoiding catastrophe after catastrophe. This little annoying “bugger” has a way of causing real irritation without being seen, and can ruin a vacation or adventure.

Great strides are being made by professional yard masters like The Mosquito Squad, to educate people on eliminating mosquito breeding grounds. There are other preventative measures that can be taken to personally minimize mosquito attraction. Success from these life modifications are still anecdotal, but there is emerging science to prove they are useful.

Weight Loss And Personal Fitness

It is a biologic fact that mosquitoes are attracted to the presence of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). This gas is emitted continually by foliage and oxygen-breathing creatures, including humans. Dense foliage is found near water, which is where mosquitoes breed and pupate. Humans breath-out CO2 with every breath. Unfortunately, along with breathing, humans also give-off CO2 gas through fat tissues and skin.

Certain studies are dedicated to finding why some people are more attractive to female mosquitoes (only the females suck blood), than others. One possibility is the existence of more tissue. This is a great motivation to adopt a fitness program. If people can lose weight, thereby minimizing skin and fat content, they may avoid a percentage of bites. Granted, if a fit person is the only one in an area full of mosquitoes, they’ll probably become a target. However, in a backyard full of people, the fittest will likely be the mosquito food source of last resort.

Daily B1 Vitamin Supplements

Another emerging trend in mosquito bite prevention is “upping” the body’s B Vitamin levels, especially B1. B1 is responsible for cell cycles in the body that remove waste products. It’s a little nauseating to think about, but mosquitoes thrive in a stagnant and “putrid” environment. In some ways, a human body can become like a backwater cesspool.

Daily supplements including B1 can ensure that all body waste removal functions are adequate. Again, the science behind this is in its infancy stages, but humans also have the ability to be survivors. The benefits of taking vitamin supplements are endless, and mosquito bite prevention is an important one.

Regular Seasonal Preparedness

Sometimes, a fit person with a healthy body, just lives in a mosquito-prone area. Even with personal preparation, these critters can be too invasive. Each breeding season, homeowners should schedule a visit from pest control specialists like The Mosquito Squad. These professionals can knock-out huge amounts of mosquito numbers, when millions of years of evolution seem to settle in your backyard.

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