The Birth of this Blog

It took two years before I even consider the idea of making another blog. I’ve thought that maintaining multiple blogs can be very demanding. I was pretty sure I couldn’t keep up with the responsibilities of keeping it updated, making sure I’ve got followers and doing sponsored posts since I had a full time job back then. But the nagging thought of having a second blog wouldn’t go away, especially now that I stay at home full time, lol. Thus, the birth of this travel blog. Why travel? Simple. I love to travel and it happens that my hubby loves to travel with me too. We enjoy exploring new places together. U.S. is my home now and naturally I want to see what’s this country has in store for an expat like me. Every little thing is a new experience to me. And I just would like to document everything and create memories that last. I believe this blog will make that happen for me.

I had quite a dilemma with what platform to choose for this blog. For a while, I was so interested with WordPress. While WordPress seems to look more professional and flexible, I realized it does not suit my needs. With the help of some friends, I’ve come up with the decision to stick with Blogger. At least, there’s not much adjustments to do, since I’ve been using this platform for years. I just need to buy my own domain and a nice customized layout. Last night, Ivy of The Designer’s Chic, started designing a new layout for me. It was so nice of her to spend the rest of her afternoon after work, accommodating my requests for this layout to come out perfect for my liking. I know she’s a very busy gal, with a full-time job, facebooking, blogging and occasional layout designing to take care of. So I understand if it will take a little bit before she can present to me the final layout, anyway, I’m in no rush. For now, please hang in with me if this blog looks so bare and unpresentable. It will get better I promise! I welcome comments, followers and blogroll linking. Just holler!

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