Taking A Summer Golf Trip Across The US

golfcourseThis summer, take advantage of all the golf memberships your family may hold with these precautions. There is no sense in suffering in the heat of the day while enduring crowds. Here are ways to pick one or the other while keeping cool and really enjoying your time on the course. This is the time to get out of the office and soak up some much needed Vitamin D. So make it count by renewing your mind as well as body with these invigorating practices.

Rules Of The Summer Game

Stick to these rules to keep your cool when hitting the green. Doing so can save you time and frustration of overheating.

Accept The Heat

Did you know that, although golf memberships may be good year-round, the best time to use them might not be in the summer? Get good use out of your payment by taking trips in the winter and other months. If this is impossible due to foul weather of the region, opt for spring and fall for perfect temperatures. It is best to get out when others are still in the office, if possible. In the summer, people come up with all kinds of tricks for beating the heat and crowds. But you really will need to choose one or the other. People say to go super early and wake up with the birds for a bit of reprieve from the weather. But this is when the course is filled to the brim with all of the other guys trying to do the same. For fewer crowds and better playing time, accept the heat in the less busy time of day and enjoy it with the following tricks.

Check Out The Course

Use golf memberships at the right courses by checking them out online. You can get a day pass to try out new greenery, too! Call in to see if they come with good places to stop in the shade. Just those few degrees of coolness can keep you playing hard and happy all day.

Stay Protected And Hydrated

Protect your skin with lots of sunscreen and a hat. This is not just for sissies. To prevent skin cancer and foul looking sunspots, this is the only way to go. Apply it just before hitting the green, because it wears out with time. And drink lots of water to stay healthy. It is simply no fun to go home with a headache or full body aches due to heat exhaustion. This can be very dangerous and fatal. Prevent sun problems with precaution.

Kids Play Free

And always remember to use golf memberships with the kids! Kids can play free some days. So stay on top of the schedule for some good one-on-one time that is easy to enjoy.

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