Spending a Week in Paradise

bahamas-freeportIf you are anything like my family, we love family vacations. Furthermore, we love spending a week in paradise which means lots of sunshine. Growing up I have fond memories of going on multiple fun family vacations every year. A few family vacations I loved growing up were going to Arizona, Palm Dessert and Florida. Arizona is fun because of the weather and you can visit the Grand Canyon. If you are not from a dessert area it is fun to see all the red dirt, cacti and animals found in the dessert.

Arizona is great if you want some dry heat. Palm Dessert is more of a relaxing vacation where you go to a resort and sit by the pool to soak up the sun or golf. My mom and I would sit by the pool and get sun rays which we severely lacked being from Seattle, while my dad and brothers would hit up the golf course. It is also fun to go on walks, or bike rides and see the different things the desert has to offer. Florida was great because in addition to laying out by the pool, we also stayed at a resort right on the beach. Those white sand beaches are absolutely incredible. Let me tell you, that’s where I spent most of my time. Beach to me is paradise. We would also play tennis, and go on nice long bike rides. All three of these vacation options are easy to plan and relatively inexpensive depending on the resort where you stay. However, by far I would have to say my favorite family vacation has been to Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

We have a time share to a place called Club Intrawest and their resort is absolutely amazing. It is right on the beach, and there are many different room options. My favorite is a beach side cabana essentially that is completely open. You are essentially on the ocean. You shower, eat and sleep in the fresh air. There’s a local village you can go into to shop or eat, but most of the time is spent on the beach doing a variety of activities such as body boarding, or parasailing. Somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit is the Bahamas. It is a spot containing more than 700 islands, clays and islets just Southeast of Florida. The climate of this bit of paradise is categorized as subtropical to tropical. As you can imagine the Gulf Stream plays a huge part in the weather down there. The average temperature year round is 83 degrees which is definitely something I could get used to. Paradise definitely for sure! Not only is the air temperature nice, but the temperature of the water is also quite lovely with an average temperature of about 76 degrees. One thing you’ll be sure to want to check out is the beachfront real estate. Own the Reef is the only beachfront opportunity in Atlantis so you’ll want to be sure to check them out. So keep in mind some of these options and have fun when planning your next week in paradise.

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