Scenic Skydiving in Great Britain

One of the great delights of skydiving is the view, and from many places in Great Britain the view is tremendous. There are skydiving sites in many regions of the island, providing an opportunity to fly and fall over gorgeous countryside, castles and beaches.

Down along the west coast of Cornwall sits Perranporth Airfield. At one time an RAF fighter station, Perranporth is now the base of the Cornish Parachute Centre, which has a drop zone in nearby St. Agnes. The skies here overlook an area that is part of both a World Heritage Site and the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The nearby coastline has gorgeous cliffs and beaches, and out in the countryside there are centuries-old buildings once used by the mining industry.

Up in Scotland, St. Andrews Airfield lies just north of the Firth of Forth. Flying over here offers views of the North Sea, the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Tay. The ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral can be seen from the air here, as can many of the towns and much of the rolling farmland of Fife. Off in the distance to the west are the Lomond Hills.

Nottinghamshire is home to several abbeys that look impressive from the air, as well as Nottingham Castle. Parachutists flying from the East Midlands Airport, in nearby Leicestershire, can also see many parks and forests, as well as the rock formations of Creswell Crags.

Several airfields are in the vicinity of Salisbury, in Wiltshire in southeastern England. Here you can see Salisbury Cathedral, erected in the 1200s, as well as Stonehenge from a much earlier time. Also visible are beautiful rolling hillsides, the Avon River and its tributaries, and the Cherhill White Horse.

Cambridgeshire lies about 50 kilometers to the north of London. From the air above you can see the forests of Gamsey Wood, the grasslands and marshes of Castor Hanglands, and the abandoned gravel digging area of Paxton Pits, now inhabited by numerous waterfowl. Also visible are several abbeys, chapels and cathedrals, as well as the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial, dedicated to American servicemen who died during the Second World War.

Swansea, along the southern coast of Wales, is another scenic spot with a skydiving facility. Here you can see numerous beaches, cliffs and coastal forests. Nearby are also many ruins and other archaeological finds, some dating back to the Stone Age. Also easily visible are the Swansea docks and waterfront.

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