Packing for a Trip Abroad

business-travel-packing-tipsHeaded abroad for a nice trip? What are some of the things you need to pack to bring with you for the journey? It is important that you plan ahead to properly prepare yourself to know what type of things to bring since climates and cultures are quite different. Even the price of Tylenol can be twice as expensive in another state! This is why it is important to pack as many things ahead of time as you can so you aren’t running to the store on your vacation to grab the items that you have forgotten. Here are some of the items you need to pack:

  • Lotions, shampoos, shaving kit – the essential items that you use each day when you are grooming are essentials. While you might be able to find some things you need at the hotel or at some local stores, why risk the chance of them not having your favorite brand? Opt to pack your own supplies so you do not need to worry. Don’t forget to pack the Straight Razor so you can keep razor burn at bay and to make sure your skin looks nice and healthy.
  • Medications – chances are you have a prescription that you will need to take each day. Make sure you pack those pills! It is also a good idea to bring along other medications you take each day like your daily vitamins.
  • Clothes – while it’s a given you will pack clothes you might forget to pack the essential clothes like underwear and socks! Pack a few different outfits. Do you know what type of activities you will be involved in on the trip? You need to have different outfits for all of the different things you will be participating in.
  • Shoes – pack at least one pair of shoes you can wear around the hotel room and others that you want to wear for formal occasions and other things. Having a few choices will make it easier on you to pick the right shoes for the occasion.
  • Reading material – a trip abroad means a long time on airplanes! You need to plan on bringing your iPad with you or the Kindle so you have something to read while you travel. It is also a good idea to have music with you as well so you can kick back and listen to movies as you watch the clouds.
  • Travel documents – do not forget your Visa and your passport! You need to have them with you at all times. Carry a credit card that can be used abroad along with money that is for that country and be sure you know how to do the conversion for the money.

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