Nostalgic Family Trips: Train Ride

family train rideEvery summer your family goes on a different family vacation.  Where to this year?  How about a train ride across the USA or Europe?  This could be a wonderful experience.  You can take the train to different locations and enjoy sleeping on and eating in the train as well.  Watch the scenery whiz by you as you enjoy this experience.  You can also ride on some really modern trains in Europe.  These trains not only provide accommodations for sleep/travel, but they are sleek and really, really fast.  Plus you’ll get to visit some amazing sites in Europe.

Why not indulge in this fun activity?  You can take a long trip or a short one that lasts only a day or two.  You can even go on some shorter rides.  Some cities have visits from the Polar Express and Thomas the Tank Engine.  Don’t miss out on these adventures if you’re looking for a shorter trip.

When prepping for a trip on a train you’ll use the same techniques as you would for other sources of travel.  Pack light, pack some light snacks, bring entertainment, and bring anti-nausea medication.

Packing light is easier said than done, but you can effectively pack light but only bringing the necessities (few non-essentials, if you must).  Packing for more than a week at a time can be cumbersome to your load, so try to pack for 5-7 days at a time and plan on doing laundry if your trip is longer.  Planning outfits can help you to recycle certain items – like shoes and jackets, so planning is helpful.

Packing some light snacks is a good idea if you aren’t sure what will be available on the train.  You’ll want light snacks that won’t cause to much trouble with your digestive system during all the motion.

Bringing entertainment, such as books, iPods, touch pads, puzzle books, coloring supplies, knitting supplies, etc. will help during the moments where watching the scenery gets t your stomach or just becomes a bore (especially with little children and teenagers).

Anti-nausea medication becomes a must for all for motion sickness.  You never know how you’ll react to a train on any given day or after any given meal, so coming prepared with anti-nausea medication is incredibly helpful.  You can also bring ant-nausea wristbands that apply pressure to point on the wrist that create nausea relief.  You can bring essential oils – peppermint and ginger – as well to take in capsule, with water or to apply topically.  These natural items are helpful in moments of immediate distress or when time is still required between doses of medication.

If you prepare appropriately for your family trip you won’t be disappointed.  Riding on a train is a piece of history that cannot be replaced.  Boarding, dining in the dining car, viewing all of the beautiful scenery, listening to the serene “choo-choo” from inside the cars – there is not much more nostalgic than that.

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