Many Foreign Inspired Roof Designs

The_Roofs_of_CuscoIf a person is looking for a new style of roofing, it is always fun to look to designs inspired by foreign homes. Some people feel that the traditional roofs nearby are too expected and they want something that will stand out. There are many roof designs inspired by foreign homes from which to choose.

A Dutch inspired style of roofing is a steeply sloped roof sides. These roofs sometimes cover much of the two sides of the home’s second floor.  This fun design allows for the color choice to pop more than other types of roofing. The material is also more noticeable. Again, if a person is looking to stand out, this is a great way to show a little personality on the exterior of a home, but still is inspired by a classic Dutch look. The steep slopes will require special equipment for installation and a person should make sure the roofing Palo Alto company has the proper tools to complete the job.

A Victorian look may be popular back east, but people should remember than the origins of this look goes back to England. Adding peaks and tops to porch posts adds flair to homes that may otherwise be considered one-dimensional. If the roofing is perpendicular to the siding, then the roofing can create a strong presence and seem taller than it would otherwise. This type of look shows strength but is still familiar enough to people that they can appreciate this type of look.

A person doesn’t necessarily have to change the whole structure of a roof to have a foreign inspired roofing style. The choice of materials can help give it a foreign look. Using a bold color of tile can suggest a Mediterranean origin. This type of clay tiles has been used for centuries and has proven that they are very sturdy. They are very weather resistant so there is very little maintenance required. If a person plans on staying in the home long-term some sources say that they won’t have to worry about replacing those tiles during their lifetime.

Some sources list a flat roof style as inspired by Indian cultures. This type of roofing also gives a bold statement because it isn’t seen very often here. Those houses that have a ‘modern’ look have really taken their ideas from those from India. There are some concerns when having a flat roof. It needs to be well supported and have heavy-duty materials to prevent pooling. If there is any type of pooling, it should be taken care of right away.

There are many designs to choose from that are foreign inspired. Choosing a new look can be a fun project and one should consult with professionals when deciding.

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