Great places to ski this winter

All year long there have been frustrations and disappointments. Your boss not only stiffed you a raise, but he lowered your pay to boot. The car broke down, your roof had to get repaired and basically, life just took a snubbing to you. Okay, maybe life hasn’t been that bad (or maybe it has), but surely everyone suffers through a bunch of stuff every year and there is only one thing to cure the mental and emotional turmoil – skiing.

It turns out a large number of people end up looking for a great place to ski each winter. They come from all over the United States (and other countries) and similarly end up all over the place in the United States. For instance, you’ll find skiers pounding the slopes in Tucson, Arizona – which is in the middle of the desert, but sports a nice mountain range that gets snow every year. You’ll find them up in Washington on Mount Rainier and even in the softer hills of the east coast area.

However, and it must be stated for the record, some of the best skiing happens right around the little town of Jackson. That’s right, time to book hotels in Jackson WY and get a move on because the slopes here are fantastic. Situated in the calm of Jackson Hole, this town features a surrounding countryside loaded with thousands of acres of ski slopes, back country trails and good old fashioned winter fun.

One of the best resorts in Jackson Hole and in the whole country is the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. This fabulously maintained landscape features one of the highest vertical drops in North America (4,140 ft) and has around 50 percent of its slops in the most difficult range. There is a 4.5 mile run, 2500 inbounds skiable acres and 3000 back country skiable acres.

On top of that is Corbet’s Couloir, an expert ski run named after ski instructor and mountain guide Barry Corbet. This fantastic run has even reached the fame of #4 thing for skiers to do before they die from they die. It features a 10 to 30 feet free fall with a 50 degree slope landing, quick turns and a large stock pile of untainted powder which is preserved by the surrounding mountains from winds and average skiers.

Naturally, if you are a little lazier and less thrill seeking you can even find hotels in Jackson WY and the slopes are at your doorstep. The Snow King resort is right there and ready with 400 acres of skiable area and several lifts to get you there. You can rest easy and ski at your pace with little travel and not have to pay the resort lodging fees.

Any serious skier is morally bound to find this amazing location and bring their skis along for the ride. You will not be disappointed and you’ll be back year after year for the same great fun.

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