FiOS in NY

fjoaOne of the best fiber Internet service providers is FiOS in NY that serves under the name Verizon. The company also provides TV and Digital Voice services. Nonetheless, the company does not provide the triple play in all areas at New York but assures all users they can receive Verizon Internet service anywhere in the world because they have a standard Internet gauge. As such, users do not have to worry about their location if they just need to access the Internet using the basic package.

Verizon FiOS Internet is available for both residential and business-oriented purposes. As such, the telecommunication firm has ensured its services are fast, reliable and consistent. Over the years, the company has been identified with what PC Magazine calls “pace setter” in the technological Industry of the United States.

Users that love fiber optics Internet due to the speed that comes with this Internet Option in NY. The fiber optic allows data sets to be transferred back and forth a server and recipient through a hair-thin glass. The recipient happens to be the user and considering this kind of technology, the user does not experience any form of delay because no information is lost as opposed to dial-up or DSL Internet services. In addition, FiOS fiber optic Internet transfers data at a lightning speed and reaches up to 500 mbps download d upload speeds.

Verizon operates its fiber optic Internet from its central office in New York that ensures there are no outages, and in case of any questions, users can simply call the firm’s emergency phone number. Users do not have to worry about the speed regardless of more users I the neighborhood or online. In case of any inquiry, support representatives are always on the other end of the emergency line to give answers on plans and packages provided by Verizon FiOS Internet. There are a number of locations that enjoy Verizon services in New York. They include Corona, Great Neck, Newburgh, Floral Park, Hicksville, Tonawanda, Flushing, Latham, Yonkers, Forest Hills, and Long Island City.

Verizon FiOS is one of the few Internet services that still adhere to copper free wiring on its fiber optic network as part of its responsibility to conserving the environment. Verizon FiOS also provides TV channels of up to 100 HD channels not to mention more than 595 digital channels including CBN, ESPN, TBS and the NFL Network. American Customer Satisfaction rates FiOS TV #1, and this is because users are able to stream their favorite TV series when they possess both packages as one.

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