Best Shakes in Utah

Granny’s Drive-In in Heber City.

Utah is home to many things from Zion’s National Park and Alpine to Butch Cassidy and Stephen R Covey. One major item missing from that list is that Utah is home to some of the best shakes in the states. Everyone has their own opinion, but you will have to make some of your own.

Heber City has a fun little place called ‘Granny’s’. This shake place is one that locals swear by and people make an extra detour to stop by and get a famous shake. These shakes are thick and you can have them in upwards of twenty flavors. All the flavors are delicious and are made with the actual ingredients, which is a part of their charm.

Any of the milkshake places around Bear Lake are tasty because they have the famed regional raspberries. These are juicy berries that keep people coming back to the area just for them. Aside from that, the shakes are thick and good but the raspberries are what make them special.

Sammy’s is a small, hole-in-the-wall place that is the home of a new invention called a pie shake. This is a shake that involves both ice cream and pie. You can choose your combination, like apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and the result is incredible. This is their claim to fame and, for those who have been there, it is completely understandable.

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