Awesome Places for a Vacation Home

hawaii houseIf you have some spare cash sitting in a nest egg, it may be a great time to invest it into a second home. Having a nice vacation home to run away to can be a great addition to your life. This can be the place where you build some great memories with your children and grandchildren and can easily be a romantic weekend getaway to surprise you spouse with. Since the mortgage rates are quite low, it’s a good idea to see what you can do about making your dream home into a reality.

For veterans, look at VA Loan Lending to get the best rates on home mortgages. There are also some other helpful tools offered from the VA that can help you to find a nice vacation home as well. Once you have the approval for the loan, where should you start scoping out to build or buy your vacation home? Here are just a few of the best places our team feels make the list:

  1. Sun Valley, Idaho – with some beautiful condos, cabins, and second-homes you won’t regret your purchase here! What makes it popular is the fact that it has a number of attractions to focus on like snow skiing, hiking, horseback riding, tennis, cycling, and ice skating. It’s a great place to head year-round, making it a fun location for a second home.
  2. Key Largo, Florida – if sunny skies are more up your alley you need to purchase a home in Key Largo. If you love beautiful sunsets and want to dive to the coral reef, Key Largo is the destination you will love! With the Everglades National Park up to the North, you will have plenty to do each time you come for a visit.
  3. Tahoe City, California – beautiful mountain views cascaded by the gorgeous Lake Tahoe can be a breathtaking site each day! Building or buying a home in Tahoe City is a smart idea for anyone that hopes to ski in the winter and enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe in the summer.
  4. Hamptons, New York – many people enjoy a retreat to the Hamptons, so much so that there are actual buses that will shuttle you up there on the weekend! With many famous celebrities enjoying vacation homes here, you might bump into Jon Bon Jovi or Steven Spielberg on your morning jog. Finding a home to buy here can be hard as many of these estates have been around for years and people are not always willing to give them up.
  5. Maui, Hawaii – for those that cannot get enough of the sun, Maui is the ideal place for you! Maui is popular for it’s relaxed lifestyle and away from most of the tourists so you can come and really listen to the sounds of the ocean waves on the beach. Gorgeous sunsets, great food, and locals that really run on their own “time” schedule, you will love having a relaxed vacation home here.

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