Advantages of a Portable Kayak

cooperMore people would enjoy the water with a kayak if they had an easy way to carry one. The Folbot company makes carrying and portaging your Kayak easy. They offer a wide variety of portable touring kayak sizes and styles to match how you want to carry your kayak, and what you want to do with your Kayak.

The spectrum of Kayaks ranges from those small and light enough to carry in a backpack for hiking and cycling, to mid-sized kayaks that can be portaged on a motorcycle, to those that pack larger for the trunk of a car. You can finally access that remote location or launch where no car can go. You are no longer limited by your mode of transport.

The lineup of Folbot kayak models are designed in a similar way, but vary in size and shape. The wider and larger the kayak, the more rough waters it can handle. Larger models even have options for sails and extra supports off the stern. Larger more stable models permit the captain to stand up with ease to allow one to cast out and reel in a fish.

The Folbot Company makes shopping for a fold-able portable kayak easy. The website features a series of questions that you answer, so that you choose the correct kayak for your needs and situation. The answers that you select narrow down the type of kayak for you. They need to know your weight, what kind of water you want to navigate, what you want to do in the kayak and how you will be transporting the kayak.

Once you purchase your Folbot kayak, convenient videos on the Folbot website make assembling your Kayak easy. The procedure is similar to building a tent. Packing your kayak in an organized way allows for easy out of the backpack and future set up. It is important to lay out all the poles, and then lay out the kayak skin. The frame assembly is made easy due to the cords that keep the poles together. The cord feature will also make it less likely to loose a piece. The long poles attach to a round section for the bow and the stern with Velcro.

With the strong light frame ready to go you need to attach the sponsons that create a protective barrier between the poles and the skin. The skin goes around the frame and zips up. All the Folbot kayaks set up in under 25 minutes. Transporting your kayak and paddling in new places has never been easier thanks to the Folbot company.

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