5 Best Off-roading Vehicles for Your Moab Adventure

The state of Utah has some of the most spectacular scenery in the west. Many vacationers find their way out to Moab, Utah to see the red rocks, canyons, arches, spires and fins that are unique to this area. Choosing an off-roading tour of the area’s rock formations can be the most memorable of ways to view this extraordinary landscape.

About Moab
Moab is located in Grand County in eastern Utah. It is the largest city in the county and hosts thousands of tourists each year who come to nearby Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park, an area that is well-known for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock-climbing, river-rafting, motorcycling and off-roading.

Off-roading Opportunities in Moab
Moab, Utah is an off roader’s paradise with hundreds of unused mining roads and backcountry other trails to explore. Riders must be cautious when attempting to traverse many of these trails because they are not always clearly marked and can be washed out by weather conditions. Maps are available but these do not always adequately show the junctions of trails. Some roads are difficult for even state-of-the-art 4X4’s. Though many people drive these trails on their own, some may prefer to go on a tour with experienced guides in order to see the best of the rock formations in complete safety. The Moab Rim Trail, Chicken Corners Trail and Gemini Bridges are among the most popular.

Many people bring their own vehicles to Moab, but Jeeps are also available for rental. Visitors can explore any of the 30 trails that lie not far from town. Those who visit the Moab area are encouraged to us minimum impact practices to produce the least amount of damage to the environment. These include camping only in designated areas and avoiding setting up tents on vegetation, staying on trails to avoid damaging the soil composition, parking away from water sources, carrying away all trash from wilderness areas and respecting Native American ruins, artifacts and rock art. Moab also hosts the Annual Easter Jeep Safari that draws thousands of off roaders each year.

Off-road trucks can find a number of areas in the Moab vicinity to challenge their skills and their vehicles. People commonly pack up their trucks for overnight camping in one of the many campgrounds throughout the area. Riders can choose from one of the tamer trails or take on the more rugged areas like the Moab Rim Trail or Poison Spider Mesa. Be aware that some body damage is likely on some of the more challenging trails.


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