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Packing for a Trip Abroad


Headed abroad for a nice trip? What are some of the things you need to pack to bring with you for the journey? It is important that you plan ahead to properly prepare yourself to know what type of things to bring since climates and cultures are quite different. Even the price of Tylenol can […]

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Awesome Places for a Vacation Home

hawaii house

If you have some spare cash sitting in a nest egg, it may be a great time to invest it into a second home. Having a nice vacation home to run away to can be a great addition to your life. This can be the place where you build some great memories with your children […]

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Nostalgic Family Trips: Train Ride

family train ride

Every summer your family goes on a different family vacation.  Where to this year?  How about a train ride across the USA or Europe?  This could be a wonderful experience.  You can take the train to different locations and enjoy sleeping on and eating in the train as well.  Watch the scenery whiz by you […]

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Best Shakes in Utah

Utah is home to many things from Zion’s National Park and Alpine to Butch Cassidy and Stephen R Covey. One major item missing from that list is that Utah is home to some of the best shakes in the states. Everyone has their own opinion, but you will have to make some of your own. […]

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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Deliciousness

There are great places to go all over America for some amazing food, you just need to do a little research. This means looking up the spot before you get there because there is very little chance that you will find a place like this just by wandering around. Here are some fantastic eateries across […]

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